why you should buy this poetry book

Friday, July 02

By Cerys McAdam

short answer:

because it's mine.

long answer:

so, i did it. after years and years of saying that i'll have a book by the time i'm 18, i published one just a month shy of my 18th birthday. 

it's a 95 page poetry book about heartbreak and love and all that cliché stuff but it's mine and i'm pretty damn proud that i did it.

here's the first page:

by dictionary definition, heartbreak is defined as: 'overwhelming distress'. i think that that is as a beautiful and tragic and veracious description that two single words could give of it. but two words wasn't enough for me. 'pinkie promises' is a book of poetry about heartbreak and navigating the rollercoaster of emotions that occur during it. there are many references in here that none of you could begin to understand as they refer to my own emotions towards various people and experiences. but, i hope that within each of these references, and within each word, you find your own interpretations that are personal to you. 

i debated separating it into sections - a section for the pain and a section for the hope. but the emotions that i write about do not come in sections, sometimes they co-exist and sometimes one is much (much) more dominant and so, it felt wrong to separate my emotions on paper when i could not yet do that in my head. think of it as a dump of emotions, if you like, or think about it as i have - either way, i hope you think about it.

so there you have it, if you want to read more please find the link below (i also have some poetry published on here). if you have any concerns at all, no matter what they are, please email: cerysmcadampoetry@gmail.com

have a wonderful day <3


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