winter and the sadness we get wrapped in

Sunday, December 01

By Laura Stevanović

Here we go! This topic is one I probably talk about on a daily basis with my friend because there really is something in the winter air. So I thought to myself, why not write about it? I know for a fact that I am not the only person seeing myself being sucked into those bad feelings and memories that winter gives me while year after the year, they go away and come back. So here is my point of view on this entire season in one swing written for you.

I will say winter does have its charms that put a smile on my face, but then there are those things that happen at the same time and kind of ruin the experince (don't get me wrong, I don't tolerate heat that well too so I would say that winter is good in that aspect).

But let's be real, you go out with your friends at a bar and you all agree that you should continue hanging out-- until you step out and the cold air brushes your tipsy faces and your mind can only think about your warm bed.

And that little theorethical story got us to the fact that no matter your situation-- single, divorced, happily in relationship, or surrounded by family-- it does not matter because loneliness will always catch up with you.

At the end of the day, it is not the people that make you feel less lonely, it's yourself because one way or another, you learn to count on yourself and only on yourself because you can't depend on anyone to stay by your side and actually help you through the rough patches that are going to come from time to time. That is what winter is all about: sad people being upset by the people around them for revealing their true face and that is the fact that as much as you are alone in your mind that much you are left by yourself in the real world and in the cold months it hurts even more when we realize that hard truth.

I would say that indeed the rain and early nights are not helpful because I mean these days if I get into a fight I can not even go for a walk and it brings another level of stress that i can not get rid of.


But then there is the question: what should we do if everything is so bad?

Here's my advice:

First: I would say to stop daydreaming and be present in the events around you and participate!

Second: stop thinking about sadness and what hurt you in the past because it's totally pointless (unless you have enough time for some mental breakdowns because if that's the case, then same dude)

Third: Do not go into a hibernating state and try to be as active as possible by counting on who you are and what do you like to do depending on the stuff you have going on in your life. You should always be doing something that is making you happy, creative, and is pushing you towards  your goals!

Fourth (and last!) thing is to keep yourself in check because many things happen that are not always your fault. When you realise that things happen and go even if you did not want them to, just smile think about what you want to accomplish and get to. Your personal road to success is what makes you feel good at the end of the day. People because they always find a way to dissapoint you but your work will bless you and make you feel special and worth it what you get so go towards success, not feelings.

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