Am I still allowed to be happy during these times?

Monday, February 28

By Lisa Porter

With a war going on in Ukraine and the horrifying images captured in real-time are being splashed onto the internet,  the whole world is able to watch in horror at the war that has begun. And with this, comes the feeling of guilt. The kind of guilt that happens when people feel happy in their lifes when so many others are getting destroyed.

Why should I have the right to be happy right now?

Same with our minor inconveniences,  suddenly, our problems dont look so bad now,  eh?

If you are anything like me, then the mental war going on in your head is exhausting. 

I woke up today sad, because of personal things going on in my life, and then a second later, I scolded myself and felt horrible because how can I feel sad over something so small when innocent civilians are dying and fleeing their homes, watching everything they own and love be destroyed?

How dare I feel sad about the petty things going on in my life, right?


 It takes some self-talk and reassurance but I have reached the feeling of, " I am still allowed to be sad/happy with my life."

However, there is a catch.

I am allowed to feel sad, angry, anxious, happy, etc those are human emotions that we should never try to ignore or shove down. Let's feel those emotions. But, let's not dwell in them. 

Wake up and be like "Yes, I am still sad. But, I am still going to make the most out of this day and give gratitude that I have what I have because others are not so lucky."

If we let our emotions turn into a pity party, if we let them turn into us moping around playing the 'why me' song accompanied by the violin music then that's when we're taking a wrong turn.

So, I want you to all remember; It is OK to still feel sad about the superficial problems in our lives, despite the horrors other parts of the world are facing.

If we could control our true emotions with a flick of a switch, I am sure we all would. But, since we can't, not really, let's be mindful of how we let those feelings play out.

I am sad, but I am still going for a run.

I am angry but I am still laughing with a friend.

I am hurt, but I am still singing along to my favourite pop song with my mom.

I am happy today,  but still hurt for the world.

I am a lucky human, but my feelings are still valid too.



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