You Probably Won't Find Your Dream Job

Friday, July 24

By Austin James

The dreaded question of every student will forever be “so… what do you what to do after?”. Whether it be in terms of university programs or general career questioning, it is the sole question that can drive fear into the hearts of students around the globe. Often succeeded by statements of motivation such as “find what you’re passionate about!” and “do what makes you happy!”, the quest to find ones ‘dream career’ seems to be ever-present.

While no one wants to work at a job that they absolutely despise, I think the hunt of finding one’s dream job is truly overrated. Of course, being at a job where one craves the sweet embrace of death over continuing to work is never good; however, the idea that we should all find jobs that call out to us like lovers in a Shakespeare play is a mere fantasy for most.

The truth is that the majority of us aren’t going to find our dream job. We’re not going to find jobs that make us swoon with delight and leap, gleefully out of bed every morning, and that’s okay. Finding enjoyment and purpose in one’s life doesn’t have to be found in occupations and careers.

I find enjoyment in reading a good book, playing the piano, and going for walks in the forest, none of which bring me any source of revenue, but all of which bring me great joy. While we all spend large parts of our lives at work, it’s okay if that isn’t where you find most of your enjoyment.

Some people live to work, and some people work to live, and if your job is solely a means through which you can afford to pursue your other hobbies, that is perfectly okay.





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