The Rose Gold Band

The End of September

It is August

The People v. Gun Control

Broken Mirror

Being an artist in a world that says no: The Off The ChARTs Podcast

90s fashion is making a comeback, but what should stay and what should go?


The Proof Of My Love

Thirty six days

If I die

Am I still allowed to be happy during these times?

An ode to summer: the shore and the sea

Why the "Convoy of Freedom" is about anything but

the world is ending

I Hate That I Love You

Dark Amber Liquid

Dear COVID, we have some questions.

Punctuation marks

My take on the college decision wait

Before We Drowned

I Wanna Get Better

The window in the attic

7 tips that could help with depression and anxiety during these trying times

Quotes That Change My Perspective On Life

The little girl on the left side of the street

Please Let Me Go

White People vs. White Trash

But A Feeling

Why I've Been Gone

Broken clock

The absence of light

Top 5 horror movie sequels (and remakes) that shouldn't have happened (and 5 that I'm glad did)

The Plan

One Awkward Conversation Later…

The Deep-Rooted Misogyny in the Glorification of Toxic Relationships


I was homesick

The power of books

Shears to the Soul

I don't like flowers

This is for the 20 something's that feel burnt out

Welcome to the most beautiful place

Greta Van Fleet: The promise of rock music


If You Liked The Secret History, You Should Try These!

Question; Is Simone Biles a quitter or a hero? Answer: Both

away, away, away

Yellow to Pink to Purple

Faraway June

The Fog

I looked for you

Light A Candle


Friends to the moon and back

Who Is My Soulmate?

The Revival of Forget Me Nots and Willow Trees

I'm Sorry If You Understand

mood ring

Suburban Boys


The Z Constellation

The 5 Steps To Success

Broken Pieces

No Simple Feat

Hold My Hand

A Sapphic Love Story Foretold Through Poetry

Self-Love: A journey worth embarking on

My theory on life

The toxicity in romanticizing LGBTQ+ relationships - please stop

Second Skin

The girl you knew in high school

The Internet Lies.

Dead Last

I feel infinite

Love From, The Girl In The Mirror.

If We Had Five More Minutes

The panic room (a short story on self-destruction)

Walk With Me

You, the Paradox

Old Friends

The Price Of Pride

A field of daisies

Slipping through my fingers all the time

A letter to my dog


To All the Memorable Strangers

How Love Feels

The girl in the orange groves

Inside Pink Floyd

a dream (a poem)

this person before me

a piece of uncertainty: how will i get there?

a piece of frustration: petal picking

A Research on Love

A Waltz of Confrontation

Who doesn't love these lovely lies?

A letter to God

What Was Once

Make your own Zine

A Love Letter

My Candlelight- The Humanity in the Divine

My Favourite Things About Ireland (So Far)

Back to that corner on W 8th

Let Me Know You -- A Letter to My Mother


How I realised art is the meaning of my life.

The bruises that remain

Murder of Myself

ambivalence: a collection

The Door: A Poem

The gaze of others

My Music Tastes Sucks: Finding Joy in Critical Thinking

Why I Write

My Every Facet: A collection of poetry exploring myself

I Played We’re Not Really Strangers With My Friend...Here’s What I Learnt

How John Green Made Me Believe I Was The Main Character

My Ocean, My Love

Real love is not your SO, it’s your best friends

International Women’s Day

I Am She. - A Poem

PTSD: A Poem

Strong Men Cry Too

My Moon (a poem)

Nothing pretty about it

Your Humanity or Your Femininity: Being a Woman Is Never Enough

toxic thoughts (a poem)

What To Do When Every Day Feels The Same

Why Is It That When The Story Ends We Begin to Feel All of It?

Discussing the Future of Content Creation

pieces of remedy: help me! the flood (I & II)

Classics: timeless and without boundaries

100 reasons to be alive

Britney Spears darkest lyrics: How artists portray their reality through music and writing.

I'm Being Robbed Of My Twenties!

shopping list - a short horror story

Why Gen Z is hypocritical from a Gen Z

Gratitude of a Woman

The Girl From The Walk

Emma Peel: A forgotten icon

A letter to my younger self.

The Fate of the peacock

I think I’m going to dye my hair

I'm Scared

Everything (A Poem)

Is the Internet hindering our creativity?

Did Our Generation Kill Poetry?

From Your Secret Admirer

A Hidden Hero -- Viktor Teyder

at peace (a poem)

A Love Letter for Someone

She sits outside the window (a poem)

a piece of disparity: square breaths

The Danger Of Falling In Love (A Poem)

Anxiety, a monster that can paralyze you

An Exploration of Anger

When He Comes Your Way (A Poem)

a piece of comparison: those sunny days

Why I think Tik Tok is an app of revolution

Internships 101: A Beginner’s Guide

For Anyone Feeling Creatively “Stuck”

10 Things I Wish I Could Have Told Myself When I Was 19

Hi, It's Me, Your Sleep Paralysis Demon

The Loss of Individuality In The Glorification of the Outsider

Taking Steps to Heal Your Inner Child

Detachment from thoughts in the modern age

Where Has the Time Gone?

What Having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Has Taught Me

Why I Am Not Looking For Your Acceptance

The Song That Changed My Relationship with My Sister

Why Fast Food is a Great Job But Also a Dangerous One.

The Parameters of Identity: What It Means to Be Wasian

When Too Many Things in Your Life are Changing.

Quarantine Update: How I Have Been Coping

You Can't Force Creativity: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Struggle to Create

This one's for all you introverts

Billionaires Are the Reason Poverty Exists

Who Told You You're Not Good Enough?

My Experience with Kanye West

You Probably Won't Find Your Dream Job

Stop Looking for Other People’s Approval

Postcards For Peace: How Postcrossing Dissolves Global Divisions Through Citizen Diplomacy

Gen-Z: The Generational Curse Meets its Demise

The Reality of Cultural Appropriation is Deliberate Dilution

The Toxicity Of Cancel Culture

The Fear of Growing Up

To the LGBTQ+ Community: God Loves You

No, You’re Not Entitled to Your Opinion

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Let's Say No to Digitally Altering Our Selfies

The Model Minority Myth

A Colorful World: A Poetic Series

The Dangers Of Rape Culture

Book Review: A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (spoilers free!)

Politics: Why we need to be involved

Casually Wasian: Alexa Chung and the Importance of Representation 

Why You Should Listen to 100 gecs

I Am More Than My Suffering; I Am Also Joy

A Look Into Cancel Culture

Nepantleras: La Gente Sin Fronteras/The People Without Borders

Justice For Breonna Taylor

The Truth About Having A "Preference"

Creating Your Own Reality

Redefining The Word Black For Better

Saying Goodbye To College, Even Though I Just Got Here.

Sunny with a Chance of Self Relfection

Lessons Learned from Romeo, Juliet, and the Transferable Mime Makeup of 2017

Why I Still Love Harry Potter

Ah Pride, How I Love and Hate You

The Staples of Quarantine Fashion

The Roller Coaster Ride of TikTok

Is Spikeball Really a Sport?

Story time: The Time I Survived a Roadtrip

Will We Ever Get Out Of Our Labyrinths?

Languages - How They Knit Us Together

Is Mental Health a Strong Factor in the Brain’s Creation of Dreams?

Looking at the News

Owner or slave? Miss Feline Great!

Stream of Consciousness — An Insight to an Introvert's Struggles

From Passion to Profession

A Love Story Worth Remembering

Center of Attention? Absolutely Not!

An Article About Death

Coronavirus -- Is the Chinese government covering up the extent of the outbreak?

The poisonous game: Why do we chase toxic people?

It's Procrastination Time!

Emos, Make Some Noise!

New Year's Resolution: To Commit

This Year I Was Strong; Next Year I Will Be Happy

Figuring Things Out

The Human Connection: A Night to Remember

Life as a High Schooler in 2019

The Toxic Ego Females Possess

The year goes around and we sure as hell change

Growing as a Unique Individual

Ethereal: A Playlist

winter and the sadness we get wrapped in

The Great Pain Of Losing A Mother

The First Time I Ever Saw a Boy Cry